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Stamping die design of the mechanical motion control and use of-Part 2

The basic movement is blanking discharge board first with sheet metal contact and pressure in prison, reduced to the punch and the sheet metal contact and continues to drop into the convex and concave mold to separate into parts or waste discharge sheet from the punch pushed down to complete the blanking movement. Discharge plate movement is critical, in order to ensure the quality of blanking, we must control the discharge plate movement, it must be prior to the punch contacts with the sheet metal, and the binder force has to be sufficient, or else cut off blanking pieces poor surface quality, dimensional accuracy is low, flatness bad, or even to reduce die life.

Designed according to the usual blanking punching die, often with the waste side of the workpiece after punching difficult to separate. Without affecting the quality of the workpiece, under the premise can be used in the board to add some punch and die discharge limit protruding block, so that blanking punching exercise is completed, the die discharge board should first lauch of the workpiece from the die in, and then punch and die plate discharge of waste from bump die then pushed down, this way, the workpiece and the waste is nuturally separated.

For some locally raised larger stampings, blanking punching in the die-board increase in the die discharge pressure type punch at the same time exert sufficient spring force to ensure the discharge board-pressure punch the first contact wirh the sheet metal deformation of the material to achieve the purpose of profiling, and then continue to blanking punch movement, workers can often be reduced by one-step mold and reduce costs. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download.

Some of punching die punching the number, we need the big red pressure on stamping negative, even without adequate tonnage punch, there is a simple way is to use different lengths of 2 to 4 groups punch, in the press to let the time-sharing for punching motion, you can effectively reduce the blanking force.

For those in the curved surface of a high precision location of the holes (for example, two holes on the opposite side bending concentricity, etc.) stamping parts, if the first punch and then bending it is very difficult to reach holes requirements, the structure must be designed to wedge, in the bend and then punching, punching the use of horizontal movement can achieve their goals. For those flanging, drawing a high degree of a call for more stringent trimming processes needs to be done, you can also use a similar structure design.

Bending mold in machanical motion control and use of

The basic movement is bending process discharge board first with sheet metal contact and crushed to death, fell to the punch and the sheet metal contacts, and continues to decline into the concave mold, convex and concave mold and the sheet metal produces relative movement, resulting in deformation of sheet metal folding bend, and then convex and concave die separately, bending die on the mandrel (or slider) to launch bending side to complete the bending movement. Discharging plates and ejector movement is critical, in order to ensure the quality or production efficiency curve, it must first control the discharge plate movement, it prior to the punch and the sheet metal contacts, and the binder force must be adequate. Otherwise, poor bending pieces of dimensional accuracy, flatness bad; Secondly, it should ensure that the mandrel are there to make it a smooth introduction of the curved pieces, or bending pieces of deformation, low production efficiency. For high precision bending parts, should pay particular attention to 1:00, preferably in the bending movement, there must be a movement dead point, that all the relevant structural parts can touch dead.

Some of the more unusual shape of the workpiece bending, or bending in the normal manner from the post does not die on the off this time, often need to use wedges structure or resale structure, for example, using oblique wedge structure, to be completed less than 90 degree or back hook bend, using pieces of resale structure can be a cylindrical shape.

It is worth mentioning that, for some shell parts, such as computer floppy shell, because of its curved edge longer, elbow and the sheet metal between the sliding, in bending, it is easy given rise to dander, materials, zinc coating off, frequent bending punch effect of polishing is not satisfactory.

The usual practice is to bend punch Ti-coated to enhance its smooth finish and wear resistance; or curved corner punch R embedded roller to bend the sheet metal bending and sliding into a rolling, due to rolling friction than the sliding force is much smaller, it is not easy to scratch the workpiece. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download.



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