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Stamping die design of the mechanical motion control and use of

In the stamping process, the mechanical movement was consistent throughout. The realization of a variety of stamping process has its own mechanism of the basic movement, such movement is closely related with the mold, various mold structural design and mechanical design of ultimately able to achineve in order to meet the requirements of a particular campaign. Strictly in the design of the die stamping process required for the completion of the movement to achieve a direct impact on the quality of stamping parts, so in the mold design, mechanical movement should be controlled. Meanwhile, in order to achieve the requirements of product shape and size can not be formality or confined to the basic movement patterns in a variety of process, but should be continous development and innovation, in the mold design flexibility in the use of mechanical movement.

Stamping is to a variety of different specifications of sheet metal or blanks, using molds and stamping equipment (presses, also known as punch) to exert pressure so that deformation or separation, can obtain a certain shape, size and performanve parts. General production are based on the vertical punch, which determines the stamping process, the main movement is up and down movement. In addition, mold and sheet metal, mold in the structure of mutual movement between the various parts.

Mechanical movement can be divided into sliding, turning and rolling movements such as three basic forms exist in the stamping process, but the different characteristics of various forms of movement, the impact on the stamping varies.

Since the stamping process there is such a range of movement, in the stamping die design on a variety of movement should be strictly controlled in order to achieve mold design requirement; the same time, the design should also be based on specific circumstances, flexible use of a variety of mechanical motion, to meet product requirements.

Stamping process, the main movement is up and down movement, but the wedges in the mold to design the structure, resellers structure, structure and peeling roller structure may be relevant to the main movement into horizontal movement, dies and molds in the rotation in the rolling. In the mold design of these special structures are more complex and difficult, the cost is quite high, but in order to achieve the product shape, size requirements, but it is indeed an effective solution.

Blanking die in mechanical motion control and use of

The basic movement is blanking discharge board first with sheet metal contact and pressure in prison, reduced to the punch and the sheet metal contact and continues to drop into the convex and concave mold to separate into parts or waste discharge sheet from the punch pushed down to complete the blanking movement. Discharge plate movement is critical, in order to ensure the quality of blanking, we must control the discharge plate movement, it must be prior to the punch contacts with the sheet metal, and the binder force has to be sufficient, or else cut off blanking pieces poor surface quality, dimensional accuracy is low, flatness bad, or even to reduce die life.



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