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Stamping robots are driving the transformation of the production model in the metal stamping industry

In recent years, the economic environment has changed. With the emergence of various new types of automation equipment, its R&D cycle is fast, the price is huge, and it is highly targeted and strong. The practicality quickly captured the eyes of the people of the country. This includes the stamping automation industry.
In the past stamping industry, workers have repeated work machines, frequent work injuries, and high work intensity. With the different economic environment, recruitment is becoming more and more difficult. Instead of manual automatic loading and unloading, it is called a stamping robot or a stamping robot. After several years of market testing, stamping robots have become increasingly mature, and stamping robots are driving a new round of changes in the production model of the stamping industry.
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Why would you said this? The stamping robot is an automated device that simulates the worker's pick and place action and develops the existing mold and punch as the substrate. The purpose is to replace the work of the workers. The stamping manipulators are more efficient than the workers, unattended, and continually ignorant, and become an indispensable tool for the production of the stamping industry. The stamping robot only needs to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, the mold change maintenance personnel and the ordinary loading and unloading workers, to meet the normal daily production, and in the material loading, the fastest time is ten minutes, one worker on the third The materials to the four press lines are easy, that is to say, a factory with 20 punches originally required twenty stampers, and now only two or three people will be able to operate normally. The substitution is completely changed. This is in line with the current market economy characteristics, so the stamping manipulator is affecting the stamping production mode.
The complete set of equipment for the automatic production line of stamping robots has become the mainstream and future development direction of automation equipment. The use of stamping automated production lines can guarantee product quality and improve production efficiency, while avoiding a large number of industrial accidents. China's construction machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is in the period of transition from traditional equipment to advanced manufacturing equipment. If stamping and processing enterprises want to grab a larger market share in the fierce competition and get rid of the homogenization competition of products, they must strengthen the automation level of the production line. To achieve automation and intelligent production.
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