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China's first car full servo high-speed automatic press line delivery

The first domestic full-servo high-speed automatic press line independently developed by Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool was recently put into use and officially delivered at the SAIC-GM Wuhan base.
The servo press line consists of a 2000-ton multi-link servo press, three 1000-ton multi-link servo presses, and automatic feeding of the line head, double-arm feeding device, and automatic discharge at the end of the line. The servo drive is applied. , CNC hydraulic, synchronous control and other core technologies. Compared with the traditional automatic press line, the full servo line production beats 18 times per minute, the efficiency is increased by 20%, the production flexibility is also superior, and the "green, intelligent, fusion" full servo high-speed stamping production can be realized.
Wang Yongqing, general manager of SAIC General Motors, said at the launching ceremony that the penetration of the full-servo high-speed automatic press line has played a demonstration role in promoting the upgrading of China's stamping industry structure, and brought significant economic benefits to the society. It is a successful practice of China Manufacturing 2025. The Jinan No. 2 machine tool once again created a record and created a miracle.

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Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool is the largest auto equipment manufacturer in China with the largest category and the most comprehensive manufacturing strength. From the first large-scale planer, the first large-scale closed mechanical press, to the large-scale press line equipment for Ford of the United States, Ji Er aims to “build a world-class machine tool manufacturing enterprise and shape a world-renowned brand”. Technological advances have rewritten the history of China's inability to manufacture fully automated automotive press lines. In the past ten years, from breaking the monopoly pattern of foreign high-end stamping production lines in China to leading the technical upgrading of stamping equipment in China's auto industry, Jier is committed to continuous improvement of technology, quality and service, and is fully committed to providing users with complete sets and intelligent solutions. Program. At present, Jiji has a world-class mechanical high-speed stamping production line, and has always maintained its position as the world's number one market share. The completion of the full-servo high-speed press line in Wuhan base is the result of the cooperation between the Jinan No. 2 machine tool and the world's most advanced stamping technology, following the first large-scale automatic mechanical stamping production line of SAIC General Yantai Base in 2009.

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