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CAE Springback Analysis and Industry Countermeasures for Automotive Stamping Parts

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Metal stamping parts rebound is a difficult problem for automotive stamping parts, especially high-strength steel materials with a yield strength of more than 600Mpa. At present, there is no perfect way to cure the rebound of stamping parts. We need to rebound the stamping parts. Further research. So what are the factors that affect the rebound of automotive metal stamping parts? The following small series for everyone to sort out some
Material properties
There are different strength stamping parts on the car. From ordinary plates to high-strength plates, different plates have different yield strengths. The higher the yield strength of the plates, the more likely the rebound phenomenon will occur. For example, S500MC, DP780, these materials have good cold forming properties.
Material thickness
During the forming process, the thickness of the sheet has a great influence on the bending performance. As the thickness of the sheet increases, the rebound phenomenon will gradually decrease. This is because as the thickness of the sheet increases, the amount of plastic deformation material increases, and the elastic recovery The deformation also increases, so the rebound becomes smaller.
Part shape
The rebound of parts with different shapes is very different. The parts with complex shapes generally increase one restriking operation to prevent the rebound from being formed in the incomplete position. Some parts with special shapes are more likely to rebound, such as U-shaped parts. In the analysis of the forming process, the rebound compensation must be considered. At present, European and American customers generally require that the springback compensation be handled in the process design stage, and the rebound should be within the tolerance requirements of the product.
Part blanking force
The blanking force stamping forming process is an important process measure. By continuously optimizing the blanking force, the material flow direction can be adjusted to improve the internal stress distribution of the material. The increase of the blanking force can make the part drawing more fully, especially the position of the side wall of the part and the R angle. If the forming is sufficient, the internal and external stress difference will be reduced, and the rebound will be reduced.

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Drawing Rib
The drawing rib is widely used in today's process, and the reasonable position of the drawing can effectively change the flow direction of the material and effectively distribute the feed resistance on the pressing surface, thereby improving the formability of the material and being prone to rebound. The setting of the drawing rib on the part will make the part more fully formed, the stress distribution will be more uniform, and the rebound will be reduced.
In order to save the time of mold adjustment and reduce the cost of subsequent mold modification, before the determination of the stamping process of the automobile mold, it is generally necessary to use the CAE simulation software for springback analysis, and to do the springback compensation and continuously correct. The commonly used software is Autoform. Danaform and JStamp.


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