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MFC recommendation-How to get the latest information on stamping processing and sheet metal stamping processing industry

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1.Hard work is important, choice is more important
The upstream is a concentrated raw material supplier, and the downstream is facing scattered customers. Both are very strong, and it is not easy to find a stamping and sheet metal enterprise that lives in the cracks.
The constant cost, price, delivery time, quality, customer development and other pressures make most companies tremble, such as thin ice. In a fully competitive market, no one can sit back and relax. If you want to live better, you have to look farther than others and run faster than others. As a processing-oriented SME-based industry, our products depend on the needs of the user industry.
This requires our company to do some:
Firstly, find a fast-growing industry, reserve in advance, recognize the decline of the industry, and gradually withdraw;
Secondly, establish management and technological advantages, and have stronger competitiveness than peers.
When the downstream industry rises, there are fewer qualified suppliers, and the latter has considerable bargaining power.
In the past few years, the logistics industry, financial self-service equipment, new energy vehicles, wind energy, solar energy, new energy, infrastructure and other industries have generated huge demand. Those prophetic sheet metal and stamping parts companies have enjoyed at least two years of dividends. Once the industry's peers have come in, the market has become the price of the Red Sea.
Therefore, it is crucial for the decision makers of enterprises, as well as the technical and production management personnel, to know the information that determines the development of the enterprise through various channels.
2.There is still a bonus in the new energy vehicle and labor insurance industry.
Taking the automotive industry as an example, new energy vehicles have become China's national strategy, and the forging associated with traditional automobile engines is bound to shrink, and then lightweight technologies such as carbon fiber, aluminum, high-strength steel, fiber reinforced plastic, and glass steel. The wide application of materials will have a huge impact on traditional stamping and welding and riveting technology.
The severity of this year's environmental storm is beyond imagination. This is a pressure from the government level. MFC predicts that there will be a big wave of development for the labor protection industry for workers. At foreign exhibitions, workers' labor insurance clothing, shoes, hats, eyepieces, noise reduction, dust removal, rust removal, air purification, and labor intensity reduction equipment have a large number of product displays, accounting for almost 10% of the total number of exhibitors. 15%. If China does not develop these products, it will be difficult to attract workers from the post-90s and post-00 generations to the traditional manufacturing industry.
Closer to home, which channels allow companies to take a step forward?
(1)The quickest way is the exhibition. One-time intuitive contact with hundreds of industry customers, the industry development trend is clear at a glance, the latest conceptual technology is generally unveiled at the exhibition.
(2)Internationally, stamping and sheet metal-related exhibitions include the German biennial EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover, the single-year Blechexpo exhibition, the Lamiera exhibition in Milan, Italy, the MF-Tokyo exhibition and the Intermold mold exhibition in Japan, and the annual MetalForm in the United States. +Fabtech+AWS+Coatech is a professional exhibition in the stamping sheet metal industry, showcasing the world's advanced equipment and technology, and also showing the latest developments in parts and components.
For example, in foreign exhibitions, metal-made furniture, lamps, toys, handicrafts, home health equipment such as oxygen-increasing warehouses, and car-simplified structural parts such as integrated doors have many innovations, from concept products to practical applications.
The comprehensive industrial exhibitions of course include the Hannover Messe Hannover Messe, which showcases the latest developments in all areas of industry. Companies and governments around the world are learning and looking for ideas.
Traditional stamping and sheet metal manufacturing and artists collaborate to produce interesting, high-quality, ergonomic metal products, fitness equipment and accessories using a variety of wire drawing, grinding and spraying techniques. The rising trend, the single item is very expensive to sell, it is worthy of attention.
There are many domestic exhibitions, such as MWCS CNC Machine Tool and Metalworking Exhibition, SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, Biennial CIMES Machine Tool Show, Single Year CIMT Machine Tool Show, MetalForm China Metal Forming Exhibition, Shanghai DMC Mould Exhibition, Essen Cutting Exhibition, Dongguan DMP Mould and Metal Processing Exhibition, Cwmte Chongqing Lijia Machine Tool Exhibition.
In the field of sheet metal, East China's MWCS is the absolute number one exhibition, and the RS Robot Show and IAS Industrial Automation Exhibition are also the top exhibitions in their respective fields;In the north, the international CIMES machine tool exhibition is one of the best in scale and influence.
In the South, SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Showcases the industry's first choice
In the same period, there are many forums and conferences, and there are a large number of industry reports and technical lectures. This is an opportunity to deeply understand the industry.
MFC Sheet Metal Forming Magazine, as a professional magazine in the industry, has reached a strategic cooperation with several of the above-mentioned top exhibitions to provide the organization of the conference.
As for the exhibitions of user industry, such as wind power, nuclear power, automobiles, new energy vehicles, logistics, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, aluminum door and window curtain wall, fitness equipment, hardware, all have their own brand exhibitions, you can go to www.expofiles.com Search.
Through the exhibitor directory of the exhibition, we can easily find most leading companies in different regions.
Professional magazines, publishers and websites are important channels for accessing information.
As a professional media in the industry, MFC is committed to bringing the most advanced international information to the domestic stamping sheet metal counterparts. We have been paying attention to these domestic and foreign media.
The value of the:
DVS MEDIA in Germany is a professional publishing house specializing in welding, cutting and surface treatment. There are many data and video discs published.
The website www.blechnet.com is the website of the Vogel Group, which is the official partner of Euroblech and blechexpo. There are many case studies for equipment and parts companies.
Germany umformtechnik.net and magazines, focusing on the service stamping and sheet metal industry;Beuth publishing DIN is the standard publishing house for various industries in Germany.
Italy's situation at www.mtm-online.it under the flag of D.F.Edizioni srl
MM Manufacturing:www.maschinenmarkt. de;
The UK's International Sheet Metal Review bi-monthly, and the EuroBlech show belong to the same group;
Japan: The newspapers of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and a large number of professional books. The Japanese manga version of the stamping and sheet metal books is definitely the most intuitive and interesting textbook in the world. The paintings are extremely detailed and vivid; The technical magazine monthly magazine is also very influential;
In addition, the shape forming center www.sokeizai.or.jp is very influential in Japan. The concept of plain form is invented in Japan and covers the fields of casting, forging, stamping and powder metallurgy.
The United States: FMA's thefabricator.com, has several magazines such as The Fabricator and Stamping, Welding, Tube & Pipe (pipe):
PMA's metalforming.com network and magazine Metalforming stamping magazine, regularly publishes the prosperity index of the US stamping industry;
The German, Italian, and Japanese magazines above have a large amount of information, and there is no corresponding English version, but through Google's powerful translation function, it does not affect English-speaking professionals.
Domestic magazines, currently influential magazines focusing on stamping sheet metal industry, MFC "Metal Sheet Forming" (www.mfc-china.org); China Forging Association's "Sheet Metal and Manufacturing", "Forging and Stamping" Monthly "Forging Technology" of Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, "Forging Equipment and Manufacturing Technology" of Jinan Casting and Forging Machinery Research Institute;
Magazines covering stamping sheet metal include "MM Modern Manufacturing", Ringier Industrial Resources, "Laser Manufacturing Business", and "Metal Processing Magazine" of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute.
Companies such as Bruderer, Tiantian, Tongwei, Dazu, Hefei, Yangli, etc. all have corporate magazines and magazines, and there are also many wonderful information.
(3) After the rise of mobile Internet such as social media and WeChat public account,
Most of the people's broken reading time is basically eaten by several major app's mobile apps. In the professional field, there are also some big V numbers.
The current influential WeChat public number includes MFC-home, MTR-home, press_union, sheet metal processing 2025 (SheetMetal2025), sheet metal ring (Banjinquan), CMC mold additive manufacturing (CMCtwsh) And Sawanini, Tiantian, Tongwei, Dazu, Pumabao, Yangli and other companies have their own public accounts, there are a large number of cases and professional articles.
In today's headlines, MFC's sheet metal forming home has already released more than 400 videos, mostly selected domestic and foreign equipment, crafts and production sites of top factories, which received more than 20,000 fans' attention every week. There are many updates.
In general, foreign companies place great emphasis on posting information on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Especially before the exhibition starts, they will upload a large number of videos to the Internet, so there is no need to print a large number of samples, and interested viewers can directly request the information they need. In China, WeChat public accounts integrate some of the functions of these three software.
As a stamping sheet metal company, you can search for a large number of stretched application videos by keyword name or keyword search such as Deep drawing, not only equipment vendors, but also a large number of parts and components. For China Stretching companies will have a lot to learn from. For example, France's sheet metal equipment giant Dimeco, the site has a large number of industry application data, the Hydraulics of Denmark, a large number of applications of hydraulic machines.
As for how to use Google and Baidu to search for academic papers and reports from all walks of life, and what are the reliable channels, MFC Sheet Metal Forming Magazine will make another recommendation.
(4) Special conferences and WeChat groups, group friends, etc.
Most of the information is not written down and stored in the minds of industry professionals. Only face-to-face in-depth communication or reporting can get some important information. Participating in such a conference is crucial for expanding your network and getting first-hand information in the industry.
In the automotive stamping industry and the sheet metal industry, there are a large number of special conferences and seminars on the market, and some market-oriented conferences are organized quite well; some leading companies also have their own technology open days, such as the 116 projects of the Yangli Group at the end of each year. Sheet metal processing 2025 The leading technical lectures in the country, Sawanini, Trumpf, Tiantian, Pumabao, Yawei, Jinfangyuan and other leading enterprises have the strength to hold technical special conferences in industrial concentration areas.
MFC's annual stamping and sheet metal annual meeting in Langfang, and will be held in Suzhou on November 29-30, 2017. The “National First Stamping Deep Drawing Innovation Technology Forum” gathered in the industry a large number of very professional upstream and downstream enterprises, which are brought together in magazines. The topic WeChat group, the communication is very active, and the internal staff communicates frequently online and offline, which really promotes the communication of information.
For the participants, it is a very cost-effective investment to make so many professionals on a business trip.
MFC and the stamping industry alliance have jointly accumulated more than 30 high-quality technical lectures on the “MFC-Stamping Industry Alliance” in the live broadcast of the “MFC- Stamping Industry Alliance”, which covers all aspects of stamping and sheet metal, breaking the time and space restrictions of traditional lectures. Repeated listening indefinitely, with an average of 1,000 to 10,000 listening performances per lecture. Interested companies can contact MFC to apply for a lecture.
The MFC and Stamping Industry Alliance has a portfolio of 15,000 and 13,000 stamping and sheet metal industry contacts in the group of friends, often with a variety of supply and demand information and industry events.
(5) Various machine tools and stamping sheet metal industry associations are also important sources of channels.
In order to facilitate the search, the author retains the original English text: Machine tool associations and organizations have:
United States: AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology.
Europe: CECIMO - European Committee for Cooperation of the Machine Tool Industrie.
Germany: VDW - German Machine Tool Builders' Association.
Italy : UCI MU - The Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Robots, Automation systems, and ancillary products.
China: CMTBA - China Machine $ Stamping Tool Industry Association.
Japan: Japan Forging Machinery Industry Association JFMA JapanFormingMachinery Association.
Korea: K O M M A -- K o r e a M a c h i n e T o o l Manufacturers’ Association.
Taiwan: TAMI - Taiwan Machinery Industry Association.

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