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CCD Efficient stamping automation for visual automatic inspection for Metal Stamping Processing

CCD Vision Inspection System for Metal Stamping Processing
To put it simply, the CCD vision inspection system uses industrial cameras instead of human eyes to perform functions such as identification, measurement, positioning, and judgment. Visual inspection refers to the conversion of an object to be captured into an image signal by a machine vision product, which is transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, and converted into a digitized signal according to information such as pixel distribution, brightness, color, and the like.
The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract features of the target, and then controls the device actions in the field according to the result of the discrimination. It is a valuable mechanism for production, assembly or packaging. It is invaluable in detecting defects and preventing the defective products from being delivered to consumers.
CCD vision inspection is also highly efficient for stamping automation production
Video 1:Configure CCD automatic detection and positioning +6 joint robot
Full automatically stamping line(no pilot hole required for stamping dies)
Video 2:High-speed stamping line equipped with 2D vision inspection system
CCD visual inspection has the following advantages over manual detection
Video 3: Loading and unloading robot equipped with 3D visual automatic detection and adjustment
Automatic feeding and unloading material + automatic positioning to adjust stamping + automatic tapping

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