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Stamping Forming Property of Sheet Metal and its Assessing Method

Stamping forming property of sheet metal and its assessing method

The stamping forming property of the sheet metal is the adaptation capability of the sheet metal to stamping forming. It has crucial meaning to the investigation of the stamping forming property of the sheet metal. In order to produce stamping forming parts with most scientific, economic and rational stamping forming process and forming parameters, it is necessary to understand clearly the properties of the sheet metal, so as to utilize the potential of the sheet metal fully in the production. On the other hand, to select plate material accurately and rationally in accordance with the characteristics of the shape and dimension of the stamping forming part and its forming technique is also necessary so that a scientific understanding and accurate judgment to the stamping forming properties of the sheet metal may be achieved.

The simulation test is a kind of assessing method that after simplifying and summing up actual stamping forming methods, as well as eliminating many trivial factors, the stamping properties of the sheet metal are assessed, based on simplified axial-symmetric forming method under the same deformation and stress states between the testing plate and the actual forming states. In order to guarantee the reliability and generality of simulation results, a lot of factors are regulated in detail, such as the shape and dimension of tools for test, blank dimension and testing conditions (stamping Velocity, lubrication method and blank holding force, etc.).

There are direct and indirect testing methods to assess the stamping property of the sheet metal.

Practicality stamping test is the most direct method to assess stamping forming property of the sheet metal. This test is done exactly in the same condition as actual production by using the practical equipment and dies. Surely, this test result is most reliable. But this kind of assessing method is not comprehensively applicable, and cannot be shared as a commonly used standard between factories.

Indirect testing method is also called basic testing method its characteristic is to connect analysis and research on fundamental property and principle of the sheet metal during plastic deformation, and with the plastic deformation parameters of the sheet metal in actual stamping forming, and then to establish the relationship between the indirect testing results (indirect testing value) and the actual stamping forming property (forming parameters). Because the shape dimension of the specimen and the loading pattern of the indirect testing are different from the actual stamping forming, the deformation characteristics and stress states of the indirect test are different from those of the actual one. So, the results obtained form the indirect test are not the stamping forming parameters, but are the fundamental parameters that can be used to represent the stamping forming property of the sheet metal.



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