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Stamping Die Tryout after Prototype Test

Stamping Die Tryout after Prototype Test


Stamping Die Tryout after Prototype test, for Suzuki project

Dongguan Changdong Tool & Die Co., Ltd. is a professional stamping die maker in China. We specialize in the progressive dies and transfer dies up to 4.2 meters in length.

Also we make the prototype die and metal prototype parts for short-run production of the engineering prototype cars. For this part we finish the prototype draw die in 2 weeks in 2019 and then we win the project of formal stamping dies.

Our metal stamping dies and prototype stamping parts have been exported to 16 countries. The company is a National High-tech Enterprise and acquire ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification.



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Changdong is one of professional metal stamping die maker in China more than 10 years. We provide metal stamping dies to the customers in 16 countryies.
The company makes the progressive dies and transfer dies. As a stamping die manufacturer, also we provide the prototype dies and metal prototype parts for the short-run production.

Our main products: Stamping Die | Drawn Die | Metal Stampings | Checking Fixture | Progressive Die | Transfer Die | Metal Prototypes | Metal Stamping Tools| Prototype Parts | Prototype Die

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