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Die life of cold stamping die and improvement - Part Two

Die with the development

Since reform and opening, with the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand with the growing Die. In recent years, Die with the industry has been around 15% growth rate of the rapid development of industrial enterprises with ownership Die components also changed dramatically, in addition to the professional mold factory outside of state-owned, collective, joint ventures, wholly-owned and private has been a rapid development.

As with the accelerating pace of international integration, the increasing competition in the market, it has been increasingly recognized product quality, cost, and new product development capacities. The stamping die manufacturing is the most basic elements of the chain. One of the cold die manufacturing technology to measure a countrys manufacturing sector has become an important symbol of the level, and largely determine the viability of enterprises.

Die with enterprises to increase in recent years many technological advances for investment, technological progress will be seen as an important driving force for enterprise development. Some domestic enterprises have popularized the two-dimensional mold CAD, and gradually began to sue UG, Pro/ Engineer, I-DEAS, Euclid-IS and other international common software, individual manufacturers have also introduced Moldflow, C-Flow, DYNAFORM, Optris and MAGMASOFT etc. CAE software, and successfully applied in stamping die design.

A car cover mold as the representative of a large stamping die manufacturing technology has made great progress, Changdong mold factory, mold manufacturers such as FAW mold center has been able to produce some car cover mold. In addition, many research institutions and universities to carry out technology research and development of mold. After years of effort, in improving quality and reducing mold die design and manufacturing cycle.

Although China Die with the industry over the past decade has made remarkable development, but in many ways compared with the industrialized countries there is still s large gap. For example, the precision machining equipment, processing equipment in Die with the relatively low proportion; CAD/CAE/CAM technology penetration is not high; many advanced mold technology not widely so, resulting in a considerable number of large, sophisticated, complex and long Die life with dependence on imports.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, modern industrial production of increasingly complex and diverse, product performance and quality is ever increasing, thus the cold stamping technology put forward higher requirements. In order to adapt to the cold stamping technology industry needs, cold stamping technology itself also in innovation and development. Cold stamping technology idea is to improve and expand as much as possible the advantages of the cold stamping process, to overcome its shortcomings. In the cold stamping technology development, should note the following aspects:

1) Cold stamping technology process parameters should be properly identified and Die with the work of some of the shape and size, to improve the quality of stamping parts and shorten the new product production cycle should be in strengthening the metal forming the basis of theoretical studies, to metal forming theory to practice can produce a direction, and gradually establish a close connection with the actual production of the advanced process of calculation. Abroads have begun of the stress and strain analysis and computer simulation to predict the forming part of a process plan on the possibilities and potential problems.

2) To accelerate product replacement, mold design to overcome the shortcomings of a long cycle. Should vigorously carry out computer-aided design and manufacture of molds (CAD/CAM) Research. In my country, paying particular attention to strengthening is he multi-position progressive die CAD/CAM Technology.

3) To meet the needs of mass production, and reduce labor intensity. Should strengthen cold stamping of mechanized and automated, so that the average small pieces of high-speed presses in a multi-position progressive die production, production reached a high degree of automation to further improve stamping productivity.

4) Expand the scope of application of cold stamping production. So cold pressing both suitable for mass production, but also for small batch production; both the general accuracy of product production, but also can produce precision parts. Should pay attention to development such as fine blanking (especially thick material fine blanking), forming high-energy, soft mold forming, pressure and processing new super plastic forming process, but also promote the easy mode (soft mode and the low melting point alloy mold), Universal Hybrid model, the use of CNC punch press and other equipment.

In addition, the performance improvement of sheet metal stamping, mold new material, die development of new processing methods should be further strengthened.



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