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Intelligent Detection System for Stamping Die

As the competition in the automotive industry intensifies at home and abroad, the modern automobile industry has higher requirements for the appearance and strength of automobiles, In the manufacturing process of automobile, the quality and life of stamping die have a great influence on the appearance and strength of automotive products. At present, there is a lack of automated detection and control of stamping die life,working conditions and performance parameters, which seriously affects the quality consistency and reliability of automotive products.

Therefore, the paper takes a stamping line as the research object, designing a set of intelligent detection system for stamping die, which can realize the pressure detection of the balance block and the push rod, temperature and object detection of the stamping die profile, detection of the waste chute and detection of stamping die wedge reset. The system provides a set of quantifiable reference information for quality monitoring during use by analyzing the running status of mold tooling and collecting the data information of the mold. It has a broad application prospect in the detection of automobile stamping die. The main contents of this paper are as follows:

1. Putting forward a set of designing scheme of intelligent detection system for stamping die. By analyzing the working characteristics of stamping dies, the design goals and requirements of detection system are put forward, meanwhile, a comprehensive program for stamping die production information detection are researched and developed.

2. Building a hardware implementation platform of intelligent detection system for stamping die. For different detection information, we analyze the detection device is designed. Based on multi-sensor information fusion technology, a hardware implementation platform integrating photoelectric sensor, pressure, temperature, image molding and multivariate sensor is constructed.

3. Completing the software design of intelligent detection system for stamping die. The program is developed based on Qt and database is designed based on MySQL. We build the operating environment and architecture of the software, and design the software function modules of the detection are realized.

4. Experiment researches of intelligent detection system for stamping die. Based on the completion of the software and hardware design, the detection system is jointly debugged. The functionality and stability of the system are tested. The collected system data is imported into MATLAB for simulation analysis, and the performance evaluation of the system operation effect to provide theoretical basis and effective monitoring for the parametric design of stamping die production.



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