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What is Stamping Die? Different Kinds of Stamping Die Operations and Production Methods

What is Stamping Die?

Stamping die is a special, one-of-a-kind precision tool that has a sheet of metal, such as a blank or the tool steel, to cut and form into required shapes(profiles) and sizes by a single or series of metal stamping dies. The external force is taken to the blanks change and modify its geometry, which produces the stress that makes the work-piece (metal stamping part) available for shaping or bending into complicated forms. The parts output could be extremely large or exceptionally small which depends on.


Metal stamping dies cutting and forming sections typically are made from special types of hardenable steel, called the tool steel. Stamping tools could also contain cutting and forming components, made from carbide or various other hard, wear-resistant materials.

The metal stamping die process is also named as pressing, including a lot of techniques, such as blanking, piercing, punching, forming, coining, and some other operations. Tools designs should be as precise as possible so that each component produces with the high quality. The metal stamping is a cold-forming operation, meaning that no heat is introduced into the metal stamping tool or the sheet material intentionally. However, because the heat is generated from the friction during the cutting and forming process, stamping parts often exit the stamped dies very hot.

The automotive dies in the die stamping are specialized stamping tools that have been commissioned to bring about a designated design, which could be very easy common items or

intricate computer components. Metal stamping tools can be devised to be a single function or be part of a series of functions that happen in stages.Dongguan Changdong Tool & Die Co., LTD is one of professional stamping die maker in China, also can maker stamping parts.

How Many kinds of Stamping Die Operations?

Metal stamping dies carry out 2 different intentions, forming or cutting, with some automobile dies making an integration of these functions. Every kind of operations is planned to cause plasticizing or separating, having it the ability to be shaped just as the plastic.

Forming dies are:

Drawing: Stretch the surface area of a blank into an alternate shape via the controlled material flow

Stretching: Increase the surface area of a blank by the tension, with no inward movement of the blank edge, often used to make smooth auto body parts

Bending: Deform or bend the material along a straight line

Flanging: Bend the material along a curved line

Ironing: Squeeze and reduce the material in thickness along a vertical wall, normally used for beverage cans and ammunition cartridge cases

Coining: Squeeze the material under the extreme pressure, reducing the thickness of the metal

Cutting dies are:

Blanking: Cut a piece out of a sheet of the material, usually to make a blank for further processing

Piercing: Remove the piece from the scrap and remain the part

Trimming: Cut away the perimeter edge of a form to conform with the desired profile, also called as flash

Shearing: Produce a straight line cut or some possible angle cut, used for parallel cuts

Notching: Assist in the bending or cornering processes, performed on the outside of the work piece to create a specific profile

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How to Make a Choice of Production Methods?

While making a choice of a die stamping way, the elements defining each of processes is the cost, the lead time, and the requested geometric tolerances. There are three common kinds of the production, progressive dies, line dies and transfer dies. More details are listed as follows.

Progressive Dies

Progressive die stamping is with several lined up dies to be activated together. The strip is fed through to produce consequent stamping parts. The force on the metal is almost scattered evenly over numerous steps by an equated distance between each step, named as the progression. This kind of stamping method involves feeding a coil of the metal through the stamping press that simultaneously punches, shapes and bends the parts. The workpiece remains attached to the base strip from the beginning to the end, separating the individual finished parts from the base metal strip is the final step in the operation. Progressive dies are used in higher-volume production with strict tolerance specifications, and are designed to operate at high rates of speed. Changdong manufactures high-quality, cost-effective and reliable progressive dies for the automotive, appliance, and office furniture.


1. High Efficiency: Producing large amounts of parts very fast on the less expensive equipment and with tight tolerances, with the potential to produce several parts per minute up to thousands of parts per hour.

2. Labor Saving: Operating automatically monitored or unattended, reducing labor costs, and with low setup time.

3. Equipment Saving: Mounting on a single die with combining multiple operations to save the time and money, and producing all of the parts by one punch press.


1. Technical Considerations: Necessary to determine and synchronize the feed speed by a complex set of calculations and variables, in order to protect the stamping tool and correctly time the feeding of the coil to make sure feeding at a constant rate.

2. High Cost: More expensive than line or transfer dies, such as the calculations, multiple elements, and the equipment(heavy and cumbersome), and requiring the significant expertise.

3. Maintenance: After the damage to a single station, necessary to remove the whole system and change over, maybe leading to days of delay.


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