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The computer simulation of metal stamping processing in DYNAFORM automotive stamping industry

The computer simulation of metal stamping processing in DYNAFORM automotive stamping industry
Metal Stamping forming is a long-history metal stamping processing technology. With the continuous process of the industrial level and increasingly improving of the stamping technology, stamping has occupied an important position in the field of automotives, aviation, metal stamping die and other industries.
As we all know, most of the components of automotives are thin-plate metal stamping parts. Foreign major automotive manufacturers have long used computer simulation technology to guide the design and manufacture of products. The development of stamping numerical simulation mainly relies on the emergence and advancement of various board forming software. Most of these CAE software can use CAD generated models for design and process simulation to provide reference for new product development.
DYNAFROM has gathered the rich experience of plate forming simulation engineering accumulated by the three major American automotive companies for more than 20 years. It has solidified a large number of experimentally proven expert experience in the program, and gave the optimal simulation parameters for different forming processes such as mass ratio. Parameters, speed and damping coefficient greatly reduce the requirements for users and become a tool for stamping dies and process designers. Its main components are as follows:
· Pre- and post-processing modules (Pre / Post).
· Simulation Engineering Module (FS)
· Die Face Engineering Module (DFE)
· Sheet size engineering (E)
· Exact solver module (LS-DYNA)
As a professional sheet forming software, DYNAFORM is dedicated to solving the most complex sheet forming processes and is widely used in major automotive companies, stamping dies factories, universities and research institutes around the world. Since DYNAFORM adds an implicit analysis function to the original explicit form-forming analysis software, it can realize the complete process simulation of sheet forming from stamping to rebound, and the implicit analysis can be seamlessly converted. Plate forming simulation is more convenient and efficient. At present, well-known enterprises such as Changan automotive, Nanjing automotive, Shanghai Baosteel, China FAW, Shanghai Huizhong automotive Company and Luoyang Yituo have been successfully applied.

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DYNAFORM application example
The bottleneck of automotive design is the design and manufacturing cycle of the body cover stamping dies. The main problems concerned are the workpiece defects caused by cracking, thinning, ring-shaped slip line, wrinkling and rebound. The main performance of poor car assembly quality is the inaccurate coordination of the overall geometry of the vehicle.
The application of simulation software greatly reduces the number of trials. Mercedes-Benz's previous stamping dies need to be tested three to four times, and only one or two times with DYNAFORM is enough to prevent wrinkles and cracks. Toyota introduced 46% of the test work in the stamping dies design and manufacturing process after the introduction of DYNAFROM.

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