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Stamping Processing by 800T Press

Stamping Processing by 800T Press


The bolster size of 800T press: 4.2M*1.8M

Metal Stamping Processing by 800T Press,Metal Stamping Parts | Sheet Metal Parts | Dongguan Changdong Tool & Die Co., LTD

Professional metal stamping die maker from China, up to 4.2 meters in length or 25 Tons of weight.


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Changdong is one of professional metal stamping die maker in China.
The company makes the progressive dies and transfer dies . Also we provide the prototype dies and metal prototype parts for the short-run production.

Our main products: Stamping Die | Drawn Die | Metal Stampings | Checking Fixture | Progressive Die | Transfer Die | Metal Prototypes | Metal Stamping Tools| Prototype Parts | Prototype Die

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